Migranal printed and websites

What started as a marketing and branding project, grew into a one of the most extensive branding programs I have ever worked on.

Product Quick Reference Guide (QRG)

After a market research with the participation of HCPs and neurologist, we concluded that the use of the paper dolls was the most efficient to communicate how this product works in a great way, for those patient who are not getting the results needed from other products.

At the same research, we came up with the color palette, this was then applied to all collateral pieces and this brought us 2 websites, the client was so exited about the look and feel of the campaign, that decided to award the two projects to us.

HCP site wireframes

Working together with the copy writer and the creative director, we stablished the information architecture that then was used to produce the wireframes.

Migranal HCP and patient sites

HCP site

A robust, bold and engaging HCP website is the results of the long process consisting of, market research, content strategy and information architecture, coupe of rounds of wireframes reviews, web design, prototyping and finally working with the development team


Patient site

WIth a forces on streamlining the content to help the patients understand the properties of the product, a patient site was created.
We followed the same process as on the HCP site, except for the market research.