case study

A better design will not only help the site look better, it also creates that sense of being reliable. By displaying information and images on a cleaner and easier to read way, we can promote Gmin work and incentivize donations. 

Problem: Multiple navigations.

Gmin website uses 3 different navigations on desktop format.

When the user first open the site, the main navigation is displayed on the top right section of the page. The text of the navigation is small and on a light gray color (shown on left image bellow). There is also a black triangle with a “+” sign that appears on the top right corner, this symbol is the trigger of a second navigation (shown on middle image below), this navigation style is different from the main navigation not only on text style and alignment but also on the content. We find another navigation, different is style and text format, this third navigation style is displayed when the user clicks on the “Donate” link of the main navigation, giving the idea of being on a different site (shown on image on left below).

Solution: content architecture/simplified navigation

After some analysis on the site content, we proceed to reorganize the order on how the information was presented, with a better and  a consistent flow.

On the original navigation section, almost every item had sub-menus presented as a drop-down that then will take the user to a new content page, in the updated navigation, we simplify the way the navigation works by using anchor points on scrollable pages, by doing this we are reducing the amount of pages the user has to wait to load when visiting the site.

GMin proposed wireframes

By grouping and reordering the content, the site will be easier to navigate, the amount of copy was simplified as well, making a better experience both in desktop and mobile.

Here we have the wireframes created for the updated site.

Updated site desig

The result, a fresh and colorful layout, that express the energy and personality of the GMin team, and the smart, youthful and innovative spirit of the students part of the program.

With a clean navigation and simplifying the content, we have created a site that will bring potential donors to keep this amazing program going for years, helping students eager to explore new and innovative ways to bring to their communities, services that help improve their lives.

Click on the image to see the site design.