dsitter UX research report

The idea of dsitter is to connect the 55+ seniors group, with dog owners that need their pups walked, giving the senior citizens the oportunitity to stay active while making some extra income.

Site wireframes

When we started working on the ideation of the project, we tried to keep in mind the our audince at every step.
With a UI that is clear and easy to understand, enough color contrast and a simple, clean design, using illustrations (cartoons) that make the new site easy to navigate And approchable.

Below, we can see the initial wireframes for this site.

Branding and UX research

This as many other projects, has experience changes that have been the result of a series of internal reviews, we have also take under consideration the feedback we receive from the evaluation process.

The adventure started by selecting a name for the site, we had the concept and we knew our market, there for, we needed to create a branding system that reflected the playfulness and happiness dogs bring to everybody’s life.

After selecting the font and establishing the color palette, we begun to explore different lockups where we use the name dsitter as a wordmark and incorporating stylized dog features in different ways, after reviewing internally about 10 logo options, we picked the one we considered would work best on a website and potentially as an app icon.

The illustration, iconography and photography complement the font and color palette, making easy to identify the dsitter brand.

We conducted an evaluation test with the intention of gathering information from potential users about the design and usability of the site, the results were incredibly positive and the feedback helped us to adjust couple of details on the site.

Design and prototype

After stablishing the brand elements we started developing the content, content architecture and site design. Then, we created a prototype that included the main activity of searching for a pet sitter, using the calendar to book the service and consulting the different sitter profiles, we also added the page where the user sign in for a first time, this section includes the option to be charged for the service using a credit card, or other methods like paypal and Apple Pay.

Click on the image to see the site design.

The research and report

We presented the prototype of dsitter site to 5 potential users, after introducing ourselves, the users reviewed the prototype on their own first, then a series of questions were presented on paper, a sample of these questions is shown on the next page as well as the data analysis from their answers on the page after. We added some industry data related to this evaaluation in the page following the data representation.In the following paragraphs we present the objectives and the approach for this evaluation.

Evaluation objectives
• Understanding the site architecture
• Understanding the content and goal of the site
• Review the booking section, is this clear to the user?

Test approach
Since the concept of the site is a service that the user will be using on his/her own time, their own device and location, we tried to visit the users on their own places.The users where presented with the option of reviewing the prototype on a laptop computer or on an iPad, all the users opted to use the iPad, the device used was than iPad pro 12 inches.After reviewing the site, the users were presented with 5 questions, the approach followed for this evaluation offered the great oportunity of conduct the evaluation as a hybrid questionnaire/interview, since some of the users where really interested to know more about the site and the service offered.

Click on the image to see the research results.